Vector Tiles 

Vector Tile Overlays and Vector Tile Basemaps are supported

We support offline vector tiles as part of MBTiles SQLite Database (GZipped PBF) We support over zooming the vector tiles

How to build vector tiles

Use command line tools GDAL’s OGR2OGR or  MapBox Tippecanoe to build vector tiles or Desktop tool MapBox Studio Classic


Sample Script to build vector tiles with OGR2OGR

GDAL 2.3 and greater supports creating Vector Tiles to MBTILES.

learn more at:

ogr2ogr.exe -f MVT -dsco FORMAT=MBTILES -dsco MINZOOM=”” -dsco MAXZOOM=”” -dsco NAME=”” -dsco DESCRIPTION=”” -dsco TYPE=overlay -dsco BUFFER=0 -dsco TILING_SCHEME “EPSG:3857,-20037508.343,20037508.343,40075016.686” path/filename.mbtiles sourcevectorfileordataase

We recommend min zoom of 5 or 6 and max zoom between 10 and 12 depending on the data.

We are experts at optimizing and building vector tiles

Please contact us to process your data into highly optimized vector tiles for the app.

We also have specialized tools for working with vector tiles and generating them. 775-573-0164 754-333-1650 

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