GeoData Explorer

a full-featured cross-platform mapping application that’s ready for your adventures or hard work!

Fast performance, easily control the display of your data and mashup local and internet data, perform rapid analysis, data creation, editing, and visualization.

Offline Mapping

GeoData Explorer supports offline disconnected and limited connectivity environments

Support for Vector Tiles in mbtiles, Open Street Map Vector Tiles with GL JSON Style Sheets, Raster Tiles in mbtiles or gpkg, Vector Data from many sources (SHP, KML/KMZ, GeoJSON,CSV, GPX, FileGDB) and limited geotiff support.


Connect to Map Servers

Connect to Internet Mapping Services from:

  • OGC WMTS (Raster Tiles)
  • TMS/XYZ Tile Servers (Vector and Raster Tiles)
  • ESRI ArcGIS Dynamic Map Services (MapServer)
  • Feature Services (FeatureServer)
  • Image Services (ImageServer)

Spot Elevation & Terrain Profile View

See elevation of your current location or any location of loaded elevation tiles and see 3D Terrain Profile View Graph of Line drawn.

Geo Data Explorer App 

by Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC


Ready for any data

Easily view online Geospatial Data ESRI and OGC Mapping Services, File Based Formats, Draw and Edit Vector Data

GPS & IP Geolocation

Show your position, Show Coordinates Google Place Search and GeoCoding


GeoData Explorer is full featured and we have a big roadmap of additional enhancements and new capabilities coming Performance that delivers. Vector Tile basemaps and overlays and transparency/opacity slider for data. Real time savings and enables more access to data

Jam Packed with Useful Features

Easy to use ! Easy to consume/view/discover data and perform visualization, annotation, printing and analysis Perform speedy analysis like buffering, View different basemaps, view attribute table and export results

Most Powerful & Flexible Map

GeoData Explorer app is designed as a desktop/mobile Geographic Information System (GIS) app that supports rapid viewing of geospatial data as well as creating and editing data and adding map annotations and notes. There is simply no other app that can handle the variety of data and has these capabilities!

Ready for your extreme use

Use the app on your Windows Desktop, Laptop, tablet and convertible

Use the app on your Apple iPAD or Android Tablets.  

Quickly access local and internet data.

Offline local data

GeoData Explorer works without internet and displays a huge variety of Vector, Raster and Elevation datasets

Offline Raster Tiles

View Raster Tiles from OGC GPKG and MBTiles.   Adjust Transparency and change order.

Include Orthophoto-Aerials, Satellite Imagery, Raster Hillshade/Shaded Relief and other reference basemap tiles.

Vector Tiles

Display MapBox Vector Tiles format (PBF – protocol buffers) in mbtiles offline SQLite format or from tile server.

In addition, Open Street Map Vector Tiles basemap from OpenMapTiles are supported with Stylesheets preloaded in mbtiles format.

Super fast and efficient rendering of large datasets.

Easily Manage Layout of Data

Quickly add data and manage data with a powerful table of contents controls that allow for re-ordering each layer, adjusting transparency/opacity, viewing attributes and styling the data and performing analysis

100’s of Features

Fast and Powerful Mapping Engine 

We designed GeoData Explorer after using countless other mobile apps and being frustrated with their limited Geospatial Data format support, no attribute table viewing and lack of easy use and sometimes vendor lock-in.  So we set out to engineer this product to meet our specifications and realized the benefit it would have to other users.

Map Viewing

Configure different basemaps from our basemap picker or add a new one URL. Display Coordinates (GPS Lat Long, UTM, MGRS, USNG, Maidenhead) and Graticule Lines Our mapping engine is one of the fastest rendering of data you’ll find.

Offline/Disconnected Data

The app supports many formats of offline files and database. (Mbtiles, GeoPackage, Shapefiles, GeoJSON, KML)

Spot Elevation

Display Spot Elevation Values for anywhere with and without internet (when offline data is loaded)

We support MapZen Terrarium PNG Tiles Format from tile server and inside MBTILES. Display Terrain Profile view Graph (see the slope/steepness)


Draw features and assign attributes

Drop a point, Ciricle, Line, Polygon feature on the map and assign unlimited keys and values (attributes) to that location and save as GeoJSON (coming soon save as GPKG).  Also, attach media to the location. Full styling control for symbology representation.

Your Position on Map

Show your position on the map via Geolocation Geolocation feature works with GNSS Receivers (GPS) or WiFi via IP Address. Display routes on the map as well.  Display North Compass Arrow Display Coordinates in multiple formats

Spatial Bookmarks

Save map extent/location so you can easily come back to an area. Create unlimited spatial bookmarks

BaseMap Picker

Select Multiple Basemaps from open source and commercial providers. Google, Bing, ESRI, Stamen, Thunderforest, Open Street Map, HERE, CartoDB, NASA and others.


Use Annotation Tools like crayon and marker and hatch patterns with color picker

View Attribute Table

View attribute table and sort and filter

GeoPackage Support

We full support OGC GPKG – GeoPackage SQLite format for offline vector features and raster tiles and elevation tiles

Geospatial Analysis

Perform analysis and geoprocessing operations like Buffer, voronoi, center, envelop, convex, bounding box and other operations all offline with no server-side processing and include previous operations for chaining commands together


Show weather overlays like precipitation, clouds, snow, heat index and many other overlays

Display Grids

display reference graticule and gridlines and numbers Including  Metric, Imperial,UTM and MGRS


Catalog/Project Files

JSON Catalog Files and Catalog Editor

Vector Tiles

If you load a GeoJSON file the app will automatically split the file (up to 200mb) into tiles 256×256 pixels and different zoom levels for rapid display and rendering. We also support MapBox Vector Tiles (gzipped PBF) inside MBTiles or via an online XYZ Tile Server.  We also support Open Street Map Vector Tiles with different stylesheets

Google Services Integration

Full Google Maps and Places Search and Routing/Directions


Swipe to compare maps

Use the Layer Swipe tool to easily compare datasets or basemaps


Label vector features & drawing layers

Also include mouseover  instead of permanent label

Support for high precision external Bluetooth GPS / GNSS Receivers

Take your survey and mapping and GIS data visualization and data capture to the next level with submeter sub-foot and centimeter (RTK) positions via external Bluetooth, Serial, USB GNSS Receivers (GPS Global Positioning Systems).  You can even work with Real-Time Networks (RTN) Continous Operating Reference Receivers and other services for position corrections.

Connect to Web Mapping Services

Connect to OGC and ESRI Mapping Services

Measure Length and Area

Measure Tools allow you to measure complex linear/lines and area/polygon measurements.


Works Landscape or Portrait Mode

Responsive design that’s flexible to enable you to work landscape or portrait and any screen size/resolution/pixel density Table of Contents Collapses and Top Menu becomes side menu as needed

Configure styling of vector data

JSON Catalog Files and Catalog Editor


Adjust Transparency

Each layer has an Opacity Control.

Supported Formats:

GPKG Raster Tiles * Not in Lite VerOGC WMS
MBTiles Raster Tiles * Not in Lite VerRaster Tile Server (XYZ/TMS)
VectorVector Tile Server (MVT/PBF) XYZ
MBTiles Vector Tiles * Not in Lite VerESRI ArcGIS Dynamic Map Services (MapServer)
ESRI ShapefileESRI ArcGIS FeatureServer Layer
OGC GPKG - GeoPackage Vector Features * Not in Lite Ver GeoTagged Photos JPG
Offline Elevation Tiles for Spot Elevation and Terrain Profile View
Graph from MBTILES in MapZen Terrarium Spec PNG. * Not in Lite Ver
OSM Vector Tiles MBTILES * Not in Lite VerWPS -future

Perfect for use in an office environment, in a vehicle or in the field you’ve got a fully equipped easy to use GIS that has the capabilities you need.

Feature Tour

Who is GeoData Explorer app for? 


Government Agencies

Any level of Government tons of uses for the app.


Electric, Fiber Optic, Cable, Phone, Water and Wastewater, Natural Gas offline mapping and access to OGC and ESRI Mapping Services make it perfect for utility agencies.

Emergency Management

Rescue and Recovery Damage Assessments Coordination and Planning

Architecture, Engineering, Construction, Planning, Surveying and Mapping

AEC, Lanscape Architecture, Planning

Survey and Mapping 

Real Property and Facility Asset Management

Asset management and mapping

Land Development

Property Appraiser

Commercial Developer

Real Estate Appraiser

Environmental Natural Resources

Monitor environmental conditions, manage resources and assets, perform analysis and print ready maps

Community Health Services

Defense and Intelligence

Homeland Security

Law Enforcement


Perfect for your precision managed Agriculture and large farms.

Use the drawing tool and feature creation to tag information about locations.

View color panchromatic imagery and near infrared from many web services


Humanitarian, Relief and Support and Non Government Organizations

mapping is crucial for effective operations

GeoData Explorer is an innovative application developed with passion and commitment by Tech Maven Geospatial, LLC

Please check out our other apps and services we offer. Portfolio  


Supported Operating Systems

GeoData Explorer versions of Operating Systems Supported:
Android versions supported API Level 19 (4.4 Kit Kat) to 27 (9 Pie)
We’ve extensively tested it on Marshmellow 6.0 Nougat 7.0 and Oreo 8.0

Windows 10 (all versions) from Microsoft Store APPX.
If you have other versions of Windows you need to support like Windows 7 we can sell you a Windows Desktop EXE.
We can also provide MSI distributions for Enterprises.

iOS iPAD version 13 and 14 are supported

On special requests, we can also build Mac OSX versions and Linux versions for Ubuntu Desktop, Lubuntu Desktop and other flavors

Notes about Screen Shots and Videos

We make every attempt to update the website as the User Interface Changes/Improves in the App.

Note: Some screenshots and videos may reflect differently than the actual app. 

Ready to get started?

Download the app from your app store or contact us for custom builds and versions. For Windows, we have Windows MSI and EXE builds in addition to the Windows Store APPX

We would love to hear from you

Please feel free to suggest features, enhancements, ideas or data to include

Features Coming Soon:

Tech Maven Geospatial is actively developing and supporting this app and has a large Roadmap of additional features and capabilities will be developed.  We also encourage you to send us feedback.

planned future features are:

We make no promise or commitment to have these features available by any time, however, we have a large list of new features and enhancements logged in our application lifecycle management system

  • Sync’d view to 3D Terrain
  • Reproject Vector Data that’s NOT in Geographic WGS84 and possibly support unzipped shp and filegdb
  • GL JSON Styling Tool and Load your own vector tile stylesheet
  • Support for ESRI FeatureServer Layers
  • Support for ESRI Layer Package (LPK) vector format from ArcMap
  • Integration with Open Street Map (OSM) Overpass API
  • Integration with other online services for Points of Interest and Location Data: FourSquare API
  • Street Level Photo from Bing, Google and Mappilary
  • Recent Satellite Photos from Digital Globe, Planet and ESA Sentinal and Others
  • Orthophoto-Aerials, Obliques and other data from NearMap and Geomni
  • Additional data visualizations like heatmaps, hexabins, marker clustering and other
  • Options to have richer forms with preconfigured settings for field names and data types
  • GeoFencing with Alerts/Notifications
  • Range Rings and other distance calculations
  • Social Location Sharing
  • Enhanced Field Data Collection and Observation Reporting to Server with dashboard
  • Request an Area of Interest for offline GeoPackage or MBTiles for Raster and Vector Data.
  • Support for additional file types and data formats like ESRI BIL Terrain/Elevation,Better GeoTIFF support, JPG2000 and MrSID raster imagery, JSON/GeoJSON Tiled online and offline data, XYZ/TMS Raster/Vector/Elevation Tiles in Zip file option for offline data.
  • Integration into OGC Web Feature Service -WFS
  • GeoServer REST API
  • Additional CSV/TSV Mapping with predefined fields for regions of geography (Country, Region, State, Province, Zipcode, City, MSA, Census Tract, Census Block Group, Census Block, TTRRSS and many others) for rapid matching of attribute data to a location
  • Other Routing and Search services
  • Additional Analysis features and functionality like Point in Polygon and intersection
  • Additional Export features like OGC GPKG, SHP. 
  • Showing Night and Day, TimeZones and other references data

and Much Much More…..

We also develop custom apps and solutions and consulting, project management and systems architecture and geospatial data services like map tiling and data conversion. Please contact us regarding your requirements. 

Field Data Collection

If you are looking for an application that’s more centered around form based field data collection surveys please check out our sister app Orange Maps Collector/GeoData Collector

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