GEOINT Data Explorer

GEOINT DATA EXPLORER is a rapid data visualization and discovery mapping app that works equally well offline disconnected limited availability environments as well as when partially or fully connecting to ESRI and OGC Mapping Services.


Map Swipe (our SPLIT feature)

Quickly Compare data works with local loaded data and online services

Quickly Mashup Data

Add local and internet data and change layer order and opacity to get the map to meet your unique operational and Geospatial Intelligence Analysis needs.

Display Grids

In future releases we will add the following GRIDS: GARS Grid to the menu currently it’s in the Add Layer as a vector tile layer and What3Words Grid * Requires Internet.  However, you can view what3words under Map Tools and show those just not as 3meter square grid.

Weather Overlays

The Weather Overlays come from OpenWeatherMap.Users can load multiple Weather Overlays by clicking the check box.


Support Offline/ Disconnected Data

GEOINT DATA EXPLORER is all about the data formats it supports and it’s in app vector tiling engine and OSM vector tiles with custom styles included

OGC GeoPackage Raster Tiles and Vector Features.

MBTILES, SHP, GeoJSON, KML, CSV list of supported formats

Rapid Data Visualization

The app supports rapidly loading offline and online data and mashing up data and controlling layer order, opacity/transparency as well as adding raster basemaps

Powerful Data Mangement

View Attribute Table and Control Popups and Labels

Map Tools and Analysis

Perform in app analysis like buffer, envelop, center, convex, voronoi or calculate or search for a Bounding Box(BBOX).

Toggle on Map Tools that you may need like scale bar, map scale, overview mini map, Spatial Bookmarks, Paint tools and others


Toggle On/Off Map Features

Weather Overlays


View Attribute Table

Display GRIDS

Quickly Mashup Data

Map Overlays

Raster Tile Basemap Picker

Vector Tile OSM Styles Picker

Best Tool for Analysis and management of data

The map has powerful data management and build in tools for analysis and display and management of data.

Show GPS Coordinates

Show GPS Coordinates in 3 Forms: ddd.ddddd / ddd mm.mmm / ddd mm ss.s

MGRS – Military Grid Reference System and others | Geolocation settings

View Attribute Table

You can quickly JUMP TO record – zoom/pan to that record.You can search for data

Raster Tile Basemap Picker

The App includes Basemaps from many popular Providers some Free and some commercial

Vector Tile Open Street Map Styles Picker

This control works with both the default internet connected vector tile Open Street Map basemap (from OpenMapTiles hosted by Tech Maven Geospatial) as well as the optional offline data.

Internet Mapping Services

Users can load their own Weather data and any Basemap they want via the Add Internet Mapping Services via their URL.

Quickly Annotate and Paint

MapTools – Mini Map, Compass, Paint, Linear Scale, Ratio Scale, Spatial Bookmarks,What3Words.

Measure Tool

Measure linear and area.

Map Scale

Both a scale bar in Metric (M or KM) and traditional Map Scale 1:500,000 or 1:50,000 is included as to optionally toggle on.

Map Overlays

Enable the Table of Contents Mode (by default enabled on Landscape mode in Portrait mode click the hamburger menu icon).


Search uses Google Maps API/Places and enables Geocoding Addresses or Place Searches. In Address Mode( Google) Requires Internet.


MapTools – Mini Map, Compass, Paint, Linear Scale, Ratio Scale, Spatial Bookmarks,What3Words.

3D Sync View

Shows a perspective terrain view  building a 3D Mesh from 24bit RGB PNG  Raster Elevation encoded Tiles and  overlays Satellite Imagery for a 5KM  area around the center point of the 2D  Map. (zoom into an appropriate level  first)

Draw/Digitize Tools

Users can create vector data through the draw/digitize toolbar which allows both the creation and the editing of existing.

It’s loaded as a Table of Contents Item and Analysis and other operations can be done with that data

The following geometries are supported:

  • Polyline
  • Polygon (area)
  • Rectangle
  • Circle
  • Marker Point

Load Raster Hillshade

You can load and view Raster Hillshade map.

Catalog Builder Tool

DO NOT include any Query Parameters or Layer Names.End the URL with Service.

Types: ESRI refers to all 3 ESRI Supported Dynamic Map REST Services (MapServer,FeatureService,ImageServer)

XYZ is Raster Tile URL

GeoServer is generic Term for any OGC Web Map Service-WMS

TileJSON is for Vector and Raster Tiles


You can view Attribute Data Popups

Coordinate Converter

Allows the user to convert TO/FROM  different Coordinate/GRID Systems
LAT LONG (Geographic WGS84) 
MGRS – Military Grid Reference System 
GARS – Global Area Reference System 
What3Words  PlusCode

Adjust Opacity/Transparency

You can easily adjust opacity /transparency .

Geospatial Tools

  • Buffer
  • voronoi
  • Center
  • Envelop
  • convex
  • BBOX – Bounding Box
  • BBOX Polygon

Add mouse over labels or permanent Labels

You can add mouse over labels or permanent Labels.

Download Optional Offline Data

Downloaded data to the Map – Click Local Downloads and Add Downloads if in Portrait mode or Landscape it’s Upper Left Menu Item.

Select each file you want to load.In future releases we will have load all button.

Quickly add premium basemaps and satellite imagery from multiple providers

You can quickly add premium basemaps and satellite imagery from multiple providers as well as add commercial satellite and orthophoto-aerial providers via XYZ/TMS/WMTS URL’s
The app provides FOUNDATIONAL Data from Crowdsourced OpenStreetMap delivered in highly optimized Vector Tiles with several styles to choose from
Multi-INT Data Fusion
Quickly mashup geospatial data from many sources and formats both file based, non geospatial like CSV and web services
Imagery Exploitation
With tools like opacity sliders, layer ordering, toggle on/off, split/Swipe feature.
Calculate BBOX
Calculate BBOX For area and paste that into other systems for imagery discovery
COP - Common Operating Picture
The app provides the ability to make a screenshot or export of the map for reporting and collaboration
Data Creation and Editing
Full data creation and editing capability.

Who are the users of the App?

The US Intelligence Community

 US State Department, US Department of Homeland Security, FEMA – Federal Emergency Management Agency, US Coast Guard, US Border Protection, Foreign Militaries (NATO Countries) with GeoAXis Credentials

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We take attribution and use and terms of service rights seriously

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