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version history of the app

GEOINT Data Explorer comes with additional online mapping services and data and access to Pre-staged data to be downloaded for offline use and some branding changes other than that the apps are basically the same

1.1 Feb 2021
  1. Online/web mapping services screen (quickly type/paste in a URL to an ESRI or OGC Service or Tile Layer)
  2. support for GPKG vector features – tag/labels and analysis
  3. search GARS- Global Area Reference System Grid
  4. Display Time zones and label and Search
  5. Day/Night Terminator Regions on the Map
  6. Initial map settings – Center Point Lat Long and Zoom
  7. Switched default basemap to use Topo Style
  8. local file /data loading performance improvements
  9. a bunch of UX/UI improvements – hide drawing tools, hide table of contents
  10. numerous bug fixes and upgrades of dependencies and libraries
1.0 Initial Release - GEOINT

 Initial Full-featured Release

Android 12/11/2019

iOS 3/31/2020

1.0 Android 11-2019 Play Store

Android 1.0 released November 2019

Initial Full-featured release

We welcome your feedback and ideas, recommendations and suggestions (use the buttons below to access our feedback forms)

We have big ambitious roadmap for this app

Planned Features/Capabilities Next several releases
  1. handling of projected shapefiles and geopackage vector features
  2. optimized handling of vector data only load what’s in the view
  3. search loaded data
  4. Attribute Grid for GPKG vector features
  5. Tile Server – serve data to other apps or outside the device to other clients on the same network
  6. Enhanced PDF Viewer with cloud integration
  7. New File Manager feature for managing files and viewer for PDF and Images and upload/download from FTP, Cloud, WebDav
  8. WiFi Share – share files across network and also allow uploading of files to device from web browser
  9. COG Cloud Optimized GeoTIFF Support
  10. STAC Search
  11. New Data Catalog Format and Catalog Generator Tool
  12. Support for Tile Server Endpoints for loading data from¬† Tech Maven Geospatial’s Tile Server app (iOS, Android and Windows)
  13. ESRI FeatureServer Improvements
  14. Distance and Bearning Calculation
  15. Magnetic Declination
  16. Additional Weather Services and Layers
  17. GPS Tracker/Recorder
  18. Split/Swipe work with Basemap
  19. Range Rings
  20. GeoNames Web Services access important information about your location
  21. Bing Maps – Oblique/Birds Eye and Streetside Imagery integration
  22. Additional Analysis capabilities
  23. Symbology and Styling
  24. Military Symbology MILSPEC2525/App6
  25. Access private /secure ESRI Content (require login and getting token)
  26. 3D Globe with terrain and augmented reality and support for OGC 3D Tiles and GLB 3D Models and live data feeds
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