Web Mapping Services

(Internet Required to connect to these services)

The app supports users loading OGC and ESRI Mapping Services to the map (introduced as 1.1 feature and will be expanded in upcoming releases with additional capabilities)

Service Example
Raster Tiles (XYZ/TMS) Tile Server  
Vector Tiles (MVT/PBF) Tile Server  
OGC WMS – Web Map Service  
OGC WMTS – Web Map Tile Service  
OGC WFS – Web Feature Service – Coming soon  
ESRI Dynamic MapServer/MapImage Service  
ESRI Tile Map (Cached) MapServer/MapImage Service  
ESRI Feature Server (FeatureServer)  
MapZen Terrarium 24bit PNG Elevation Tiles (this data is for SPOT Elevation and Terrain Profile View)  
Other’s Planned  
OGC WCS – Web Coverage Service  
ESRI ImageServer  
ESRI LERC Elevation Tiles  
OGC Moving Features  
OGC API Features  
OGC API Tiles  
Open Data Protocols (CKAN, CSW, SOCRATA, SDMX)  

Web Services Data

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