IP Geolocation and GPS/GNSS Settings

GeoData Explorer works with Internal Sensors and External GPS/GNSS Receivers

GeoData Explorer app works with internal sensors and external high precision Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) receivers from many manufacturers.

As long as they are outputting standard NMEA Strings and use Baud Rates within the range we can connect.

We’ve tested with the following manufacturers:


External GPS (GNSS)

EOS Positioning Arrow
Juniper Systems Geode
Bad Elf


Not tested:

Trimble Leap, R1
Garmin Glo
Dual XGPS 150, 160, 170

We are NOT affiliated with any hardware company and made no recommendations.

Geo Data Explorer app on Windows provides settings for configuring Port and Baud Rate

iOS and Android those settings are done via the operating system.

This app does not record any GPS Metadata information!   When using the drawing toolbar no GPS metadata is being attached to collected records.  Only the Lattitude and Longitude Coordinates.  

This app currently does not do NTRIP settings or Real Time Network Settings. You can use a GPS manufacturers app to set those connections




Tech Maven Geospatial GeoData Explorer app DOES NOT LOG your location, no location data is sent to our systems and servers.  We respect your privacy and your data and we do not perform any tracking. 

 If you are interested in GPX Recorder functionality for Breadcrumb Trails and WayPoints and Tracks we recommend you download a separate  app for those purposes.

Our other app Orange Maps Studio does sync field edits and forms attribute data to our servers. In addition, it can record and save GPS Metadata information along with the collected records.

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