GeoData Explorer 

You can purchase the app directly from our secure shopping cart using Stripe Checkout.  We are able to sell special versions of the app this way like Windows Desktop EXE and MSI Installers as well as special android versions.  After checkout you will be given link to download app and code to activate it.

Pricing Options:

We want everyone to have the full feature set and have access to all of our app updates.

So as long as you have an active subscription you will be getting updates to the app regularly!

We originally were not going to have a tiered plan but several users asked for internet connected features at less cost. That’s the reason we created a Lite version.

Your choice Monthly Subscription or Yearly Purchase options

Purchase options instead of monthly subscription


Unlock app for one year fixed price $225 Does not automatically renew.   ( Equates to $18.75 per month)


2 Year

$499 for 2 years (equates to about $20/month) with option to renew at a discounted rate


3 Years

$599 for 3 years (equates to less than $16/month) with a discounted renewal rate


We sell very specialized versions of the app as well as data packages

we can equip your team with an app ready for use with the data needed to operate in the most austere environments. 

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